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What are the Benefits of Buying Used?

Why Buy Used | Pantili Mitsubishi | Princeton, WV

Why Buy Used

If you’re shopping for your next vehicle, you may be weighing the benefits of new versus used. New might seem like the safest bet, but in truth, there are plenty of reasons why used cars can be just as reliable. Plus, used cars are guaranteed to cost you much less than a new unit of the same model.
So, whether you’re shopping on a budget or just looking for the most practical option, used models might be the way to go. Here are three reasons why you should consider buying used.

Save Money

This is the main reason why people opt for used cars over new ones. New vehicles can depreciate as much as 20% from the moment they’re driven off of the lot. When you buy used, you’ll save immediately on the initial price. As a result, you’ll also end up paying less on insurance, taxes, and registration.

Find Peace of Mind

Today’s used car market is much more reliable than it was a few decades ago. Now you can use tools like Carfax and AutoCheck to get a vehicle history report that will show you whether a specific car has been in any accidents or had any major repairs.

Get More for the Money

When buying used, you can find a balance between saving money and choosing a nicer vehicle, one that you couldn’t afford if it were new. Plus, plenty of used cars still feature important or up-to-date gadgets and safety optimization.
If you’re shopping for a car, browsing used vehicles is definitely worth the time. Stop by Pantilli Mitsubishi to check out our current inventory of used vehicles today.


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