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Mitsubishi Technology

Technology is everywhere and our cars are one of the main places that we are seeing great advances take place. Mitsubishi is at the forefront of the automobile industry’s innovation and we are excited to share with you some of the things that you may see on your new cars that will make your life as a driver a little bit easier.

Idling Stop- When the car stops, the engine automatically stops as well and when the car starts to move again, the engine fires back up. This will not only save you gas but reduce the emissions that your car produces. This works for things such as stopping at a traffic light, 4-way stop, or if you have to wait for a group of kids to cross the street on their way to school.

Active Cornering Lights (ACL)- It is just a fact that it is harder to see when it is dark out. ACL links with the turn signals and the steering wheel so that they can illuminate the road in the direction that the vehicle is moving. Having the lights reposition themselves makes it much safer to go around curves and corners.

Rain-light Sensor- This rain and light sensor takes the task of messing with the windshield wipers and lights, off of the driver. When that water starts to hit your windshield, the amount of rain will be detected and the sensor will set the windshield wipers at the proper speed and adjust them as the rain lightens or get heavier. This sensor will also detect the light that is ahead of the vehicle and either brighten them or dim them accordingly.

Multi Information Display- This is one button that will tell you everything that you need to know. The Liquid Crystal Display shows various and need-to-know information that changes from one display to the next based on what you want to know. It will show you warnings, the trip odometer, average and monetary fuel consumption, distance range, temperature, and much more. This will come in handy daily!

ECO-Mode- A cool new edition and coming standard on all trims is the ECO Drive Support System. When you turn this system to ECO Mode, with the help of the interactive display, it will enable you to drive so that you are being a little more environmentally friendly. Engine power is reduced on your initial acceleration which puts the air conditioning and engine into energy saving mode. In vehicles that have Super All-Wheel Control, this system will put the vehicle into 2WD until it senses that it is necessary to have the 4WD engaged. Due to this system, you will see better fuel economy, and lower emissions which is the ultimate goal. This will help you keep your wallet full and the air clean. Mitsubishi is helping the environment one vehicle at a time!

Rearview Camera System- We have all heard the saying "Keep your eyes on the road," and this is true! But what we sometimes forget is that the road behind us can be just as important as the road in front of us. To help you avoid getting a neck cramp from turning your head all the way back, or possibly overlooking something that is in a blind spot, we have top of the line rearview cameras in our vehicles. By providing a wide angle view of the area behind your vehicle, you are able to squeeze out of a tight spot and avoid hitting a bike that has been left behind the vehicle that you couldn't see.
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